About Us

Our company was founded in the early 80s. Its original mission was to ensure the delivery of newspapers and flyers door to door.

After many months, distribution is well underway, however, the demand for insertion services for flyers makes itself pressing. To meet the growing customer demand, the company decides to embark on the insertions in 1989.

But reality quickly exceeds our expectations, so we must expand our facilities to meet demand. Thus we acquire a new building of 10,000 square feet located at 145 Route 104 in Saint-Jean (Iberville sector) where we are still located. Furthermore, this expansion has required the purchase of folding, gluing and several other additional equipment.

In 1999, we add 15,000 more square feet to the existing area. So we undertake the new millennium with the most modern equipment and a total area of 25,000 square feet. And the expansion continues. During summer 2012, we will acquire new machines for mechanical inserting to upgrade and add to those already in use. We will be able to offer even more services to our customers.

From its humble beginnings, the company Services SL Inc. reached, during the years, an desirable size with its team of workers that are fast, efficient and ready to work on your projects. Our expertise allows us to work for giants like tc. Transcontinental, Canadian Tire, Walmart, Rona, the merchants of the Loblaws banner, the merchants of the Metro banner, Home Depot, Reno depot, Brick, BMR, Bouclair, Pharmaprix, Unimat, Brault and Martineau, Michael, Staples, CVS , Price chopper's, Shoppers drug Mart, Zellers, and several others.

Whether you are big or small, we are able to meet your needs and be assured that we are always eager to serve you!