Celebrating 35 years in buisness!

35 years. 35 wonderful years that we are here. And to celebrate these many years in business, we decided to have a beauty cure on the web!

Since last February, we celebrate the 35th year of operation Services SL. In 1982, we had the idea to try and ensure the delivery of newspapers and flyers door to door. In 1989, after seven years in distribution, finding an empty service, Services SL has made the jump to embedding and related services. Our retail experience had given us the skills to understand the needs in this area. Our expertise has quickly earned the trust of our customers, so that rapidly, the company had moved to expand its capabilities.

Since the early 90s, our operations center is located at 145 Route 104 work in St-Jean (Iberville sector). We added splicers, folding, multiple inserting machines and some other equipment. Like many companies, the adventure could have ended there, but we continued to offer a professional service which has enabled us in late '99 the acquisition of new buildings and to make extensions to both new buildings and to those already existing. This second expansion has given us a larger area to receive and ship products to our customers and continue to offer what we do best.

It is with this vision that the Tremblay Family and Services SL has survived the test of time against the odds. We had the vigilance to try and always serve our customers and offer unbeatable service. Although we have crossed 35 years of existence, we continue to improve. This summer, we will acquire new machines for the mechanical insertion to upgrade current equipment.

We pledge to always provide a service to suit your needs for at least another 35 years!